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Piscataqua River Watershed


The Piscataqua River watershed extends east and west of Route 100 and the Maine Turnpike from Falmouth to Gray. It extends into the towns of Cumberland and Windham.


The Piscataqua River watershed is approximately 21 square miles; it makes up 10% of the Presumpscot River watershed system.


The population of Piscataqua watershed is a just over 4,000, or approximately 6% of the population in the Presumpscot River watershed system.

Impervious Surfaces:

Impervious surfaces are those surfaces in the landscape that cannot infiltrate rainfall, such as rooftops, pavement, sidewalks, driveways and compacted earth. Impervious surface areas of 10% or greater are often correlated with reduced water quality. Approximately 8% of the Piscataqua watershed, more than 1,000 acres, is comprised of impervious surfaces.

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