Presumpscot Watershed Initiative

Maps for Schools

As part of the Presumpscot Watershed Initiative, the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) is visiting middle schools located within the watershed. They are teaching fundamental watershed and mapping lessons to students in an effort to foster sense of place and stewardship.

Using specially designed topographic maps covering sub-watersheds to the Presumpscot, students locate their own homes and schools in relation to the River’s tributaries, discover how to draw watersheds using topographic lines, and explore how various land uses can tribute to non-point source pollution.

Participating schools will be provided with watershed maps designed by Orbis and Presumpscot River Watch which are suitable for hanging in classrooms, as well as CDs with the ability to interact with various GIS coverages overlaying a base map of the watershed.

For more information on bringing the Maps for Schools program to your community’s schools, contact Sarah Plummer, CCSWCD Education Coordinator, at 207-892-4700 or