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The name "Presumpscot" has its origin from local native culture and means "many falls" or "many rough places."
PRWC's booth at Westbrook Together Days, June 13, 2009.
PRWC partners worked to promote revegetation at the site of the former Smelt Hill dam. The Allen Ave. Extension bridge crossing is in the background.
The Smelt Hill dam as seen prior to 2002, when it was removed, revealing the long-submerged Presumpscot Falls just upstream. Removal of the dam opened up over one third of the watershed to diadromous fish. Copyright 2001 courtesy of Rich Obrey.
A Presumpscot River Watch volunteer takes an early morning water quality sample. Copyright 2001 courtesy of Rich Obrey.
Mallard ducks enjoy a foggy day on the river. Copyright 2001 courtesy of Rich Obrey.
Maine DEP and PRWC member Jeff Varricchione surveys river conditions at the confluence of the West and East Branches of the Piscataqua River in Falmouth.
PRWC conducts a tour to showcase restoration of the Highland Lake Fish Ladder into Mill Brook. Improvements made to the ladder made it easier for alewives to find their way to the ladder and reach the lake, which is preferred spawning habitat.
A watershed sign identifies where Falmouth Road crosses the West Branch of the Piscataqua River in Falmouth.
Volunteers help to restore a vegetated riparian buffer using native plants and trees along the banks of the Presumpscot River in Gorham.
The Presumpscot River surges over the Gambo Mills Dam after a spring Nor'easter. Photo courtesy of Ray Monahan.
Kayaking and canoeing affords the ambitious paddler access to forested sections of the river that have yet to experience much development. Courtesy Ray Monahan.
The Presumpscot River was first dammed in 1732 at Smelt Hill, and is the first river in Maine to be dammed for industrial uses. Courtesy Ray Monahan.
The Presumpscot's rocky shoreline at head-of-tide contrasts with the fine clay and sandy banks found further upstream.
Woody debris provides important habitat functions and shelter for the Presumpscot River's diadromous and resident fish populations.
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