Presumpscot Watershed Initiative


The Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) is partnering with area farms abutting Presumpscot River watershed rivers and streams to install fencing and alternative watering systems that exclude livestock from riverbanks streams. In the process, farmers may also take advantage of the opportunity to restore native riparian vegetated buffers to stabilize eroded shorelines.

Through this innovative cost-sharing program, area farmers benefit from the improved efficiency of alternative watering systems while simultaneously preventing the loss of valuable farmland that occurs due to constant trampling of vegetation and loosening of soils. The exclusion of livestock from riparian shorelines results in water quality improvements due to reduced sediment discharged into water bodies, reduced nutrient loading from soil and fecal sources, and less contamination from fecal bacteria.

Targeted Watershed Grant funds are being used to share the cost of fence and watering system installation with local farms. In some cases, funding may also be used to purchase native vegetation to stabilize river banks and restore riparian shoreline ecosystems.

To learn more about how you can nominate your farm for agricultural improvements by working with CCSWCD, contact: Betty Williams, Project Manager, at 207-892-4700 or